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Docketbook is setup for companies, large or small. Users (drivers, operators, field workers etc.) connect to Companies and then create dockets. Dockets are shared between companies to make working together that little bit easier. To create dockets for your business you must first have a Company.
Docketbook can support your Company circumstances whether you have a simple structure or you have subsidiaries, branches, divisions or projects operating in a hierarchy of Company Groups.

Please note: Companies can be setup on the mobile apps, but detailed configuration is done from the PC.

Setting up Your Company

1. Login to your Docketbook account.

Before creating a Company you must have a Docketbook user account to own and maintain the Company in Docketbook. Find out more about Accounts.

2. From your My Docketbook screen click on Create Another Company

3. Complete the New Company wizard by providing your company name, address and contact  phone number.

You can request help to complete the setup of your company or just take a look around.  Other things you will need to get configured the way you like them include:

  • Resources - the items you will be adding to your dockets (including resource categories and units of measure)
  • Checklists - questions for checklists you will be including on the order
  • Docket Templates - custom tabs and fields so that the docket suits you.

If you're setting up a company with multiple groups/projects/organisation units, follow the process below for setting up groups.

Setting up a Group 

1. From your Company Dashboard select New Group

2. Complete the Group Name and Address Details.  Complete the Wizard and you will be taken to the Group you have just created.

When you have added your Organisations you can Setup the Resource Categories.

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