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Dockets must be created from a Job or an Order, before you can create Dockets from a Job the Job must be assigned to you and you must Accept the Job. Accepting a Job means that you can do the work. Rejecting a Job means you can't do the work or some part of the Job details are unacceptable.
If after following the instructions below you can still not see the Job you are looking for please contact your project or job adminstrator and confirm with them that they have properly Assigned the Job to you.

How to Accept or Reject a Job

 1. Open your Docket Book app and look at the Jobs tab, if the Jobs tab is not open tap on Jobs

PLEASE NOTE: If you have had the Docketbook App open and not logged out recently you may need to refresh the list. Simply tap and hold on the centre of the screen and drag down to refresh the Jobs list.

When the Jobs list shows you an Assigned Job for you to review and Accept tap on the Assigned Job.

2. Review the Job details by tapping on the Job's tabs, checking the information and ensuring you accept the relevant details.

3. When you have reviewed the details of the Job simply tap on the Action Menu at the top right of your screen.

And Accept or Reject the Job by tapping on Accept or tapping on Reject

If you Reject a Job you will be asked for a comment explaining why. Typically it will be because of an issue with your availability or the details on the Job. A Rejected Job can be altered by the Job creator and reassigned to you.

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