Available in the Google Play Store

The Docketbook  Android (Galaxy, HTC, Xperia) is easily found and installed from the Google Play store

Downloading the App

1. Make sure you are on version 4.1 or later of Android

Details on the version of Android you are using will be found under Settings - System Manager - About Device

2. Open the Google Play App on your phone by tapping on it.

If you have used the Google Play store before you will already be logged in and ready to go. If you have not use the store before you will need to log in with your Google account login id and password. Check here if you need to create an account.

3. Search for and Install Docketbook

Type Docketbook into the search bar in the Google Play store and tap search. When the search results return tap on the Docketbook App and install it on your phone.

4. Login or Signup

Login with your Docketbook username (email address or mobile number) or signup directly from the app.

You now need to set up your company (if you're not joining an existing company).

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