Docketbook Contacts have a special role in Docketbook, Contacts are not simply an address book of Organisations (companies) you have relationships with. Docketbook Contacts records hold the identifying information and contact email address for Organisations that you wish to exchange Orders, Jobs and Dockets with. The identifying information, inform of a unique Docketbook email address, is what enables the creation of the Customer - Supplier relationships and the linking and transmission of Orders, Jobs and Dockets between Organisations. Find out more about Organisations.

The Contacts list within Docketbook facilitates these key activities:

  • Contacts for Orders, Jobs and Dockets - When Orders, Jobs and Dockets are created, the customer lookup comes from the contact list.  The email address(es) defined for the contact will control where the Order, Job or Docket is sent. The unique identifier signifies the Organisation that the Order, Job or Docket is attached to.
  • Filters - The filters for Orders, Jobs and Dockets use the contact list as the source of Customers and Suppliers.
  • Permissions - Customers and suppliers are given special permissions in Docketbook (e.g. Accept Orders or Dockets).  These permissions are granted based on the email addresses in the contact list.

Contact Fields

Contacts contain physical address information and one or more contact emails. The email addresses are used to notify customers of a received docket and also control the permissions for orders and dockets after they are sent.
"" addresses are generated by the system and are used to represent companies on Docketbook.

Contact Sharing 

Sharing your contact details allows others to add your Docketbook contact details to their Docketbook Contact List(s). By default, your Organisational unit within Docketbook is given a unique 'email address' of the form 

Orders, Jobs and Dockets sent to this address will automatically appear in your Organisation group.  By sharing your details with your customers and suppliers you enable them to properly link Orders, Jobs and Dockets to your Organisation(s).

For more details on how to Share Contacts see How to Share my Contact Details

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