Important Information

Docketbook Contacts can only be accessed and maintained from from the PC web user interface.

Create New Docketbook Contact

1. Make sure you are in the right Organisation

Docketbook Contacts need to be created within the Organisation that is going to have the relationship with the New Contact. You can't create Contacts from your My Docketbook view. Make sure you are inside the right Organisation by clicking on the Organisation Menu on the top right of your screen and clicking on the correct Organisation. 

2. Create the Contact

From the Contacts View in the sidebar menu, click the + icon to add a new contact.  

Add the company name, physical address and email address information in the right hand Contact Detail panel then Save the contact.  

You can now use this Contact as a Customer when creating Orders in Docketbook.

If the New Contact has a user account with Docketbook and you want them to act on or receive Orders, Jobs or Dockets then you need to send them your details to they have your informaiton  in their Contacts. When the new Contact details are
saved click on Send my Details, they will receive notification in Docketbook of a new contact request and can approve the adding of your details to their Contacts.

Then click on Send at the bottom of the confirmation panel.

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