Important Information

Docketbook Jobs can only be created from with in the Organisation (Company) that is responsible for the Job, you can not create Jobs from your My Docketbook. Docketbook Jobs can only be created from Docketbook Orders, they are a subset of or building block of completing the Docketbook Order.

How to Create and Assign a Job

1. Make sure you are in the right Organisation.

The correct Organisation is the Organisation that has the Order and is responsible for the Job. You select the Organisation you are going to be working in by tapping on the Organisation Menu in the top right of your screen. Then tap on the correct organisation. Find out more about Organisations.

2. Create the Job

Jobs can be created from the Order they are completing work against. To go to the Orders View tap (1) on Orders on the bottom menu. Then tap (2) on the Order you want to create the Job for.

Tap on the Jobs tab and then tap on the New Job button.

3. Complete the Job details

On the General tab enter the start and finish dates by tapping on the relevant date field and then tap and hold to use the date selection scroll.

Add an Assignee, Assignees are the person responsible for doing the Job, they must be a Member of the Organisation completing the Job. Tap (1) on the Assignees tab and then on tap (2) the Add Assignee to Job button. The Assignees will appear on a list, tap on the name of the person you want the job Assigned to.

Tap (1) on the Items tab to confirm that the Items have copied down from the Order and then tap (2) on the individual Items to enter the expected Job quantities for those Items. Find out more about Items.

To add Comments tap  on the Comments tab then tap (1) on the New Comment line and to save the Comment tap (2) on the Add Comment button.

4. Sending Jobs

When you have completed all of the Job details and it is ready for work to commence and Dockets to be created against it the Job needs to be Sent to the Assignee for Acceptance. Tap on the Action Menu in the top left of your screen and then tap on Send

Please note: it is possible to create jobs by copying existing ones. You need to use the desktop web browser version of Docketbook.

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