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The whole purpose of dockets is to record the work you’ve done for your clients. We call the pieces of this work or the units delivered;  Items or Resources. Whether you are selling or hiring, whether you are providing plant, people or materials, you need to break it down into Resources (Items) that appear as lines on your dockets. In Docketbook you set up these Resources before creating any dockets so they can simply be selected when creating a docket.

Resources are grouped by their characteristics to make it easier to find and use them, we call these groupings Resource Categories all Resources must belong to a Category. 

Please note: Resources (Items) can only be set up or maintained from the Desktop Browser version of Docketbook.

Creating a New Resource

  1. From the Company Dashboard select the cog icon or click on Company Settings.

   2. Select Resources from the left hand menu

   3. Click on the Add New button

    4. Complete the details of the Resource: 

Resource name, Unique identifier (or external reference code), Resource Category, Unit of Measure and description.. Click on Save

If the Unit of Measure you are looking for is not listed, refer to Setting up Units of Measure

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