Sending and Sharing Dockets

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In the Action Menu (three dots on the top right), there are options that serve different purposes:

Send Docket:

The Send Docket option allows you to send a copy of the docket to the customer. It automatically sends the docket to all email addresses and phone numbers associated with the customer's contact information. When a docket is sent, it is marked as Read Only.

Sent dockets are indicated by an orange strip at the top, distinguishing them from draft dockets (light blue strip). Before sending a docket, ensure that all required fields are completed. If any fields are missing, the Send Docket option is replaced by a message indicating which fields still need to be filled.

Download Docket:

Download Docket: This option allows you to download a PDF copy of the docket to your phone. You can choose to email or share this copy independently of Docketbook or use a PDF application for markup.

Share Docket:

The Share Docket option allows you to add other individuals to the docket with specific permissions. You can enter the email or phone number of the person and define their role as an Editor, Approver, or Viewer:

Editor: Can make changes to the docket contents.

Approver: Cannot edit the docket but can sign it and accept/reject it.

Viewer: Can view the contents of the docket but cannot make changes or approve (effectively a CC recipient).

Once added, they will receive a notification (approvers) or immediate access (viewers and editors) to the docket based on their assigned role.

Additional Options in the Action Menu:

Recall Docket: Recalling a docket changes its status from Sent to Draft, enabling you to make changes before resending it or deleting the docket. The customer will receive a notification for the updated docket when you resend it, and all changes will be captured in the audit log. Only users with "Administrator" or "Super User" the permissions will see this in menu item. 

Delete Docket: You will only be able to delete a docket while it is in Draft mode. Deleting a docket removes it from the database. Only users with "Administrator" or "Super User" the permissions will see this in menu item. 

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