Knowledge base

Docketbook Overview (2)

Introducing Docketbook - the platform for digital docket exchange in Construction. The articles in this section provide a high-level overview of what Docketbook is, how it works and the why behind what we do.

Getting Started (7)

Docket setup, adding your resources, users and customers.

Dockets, Orders & Job Allocation (3)

Create dockets, keep dockets organised with orders, and allocate jobs to your team.

Receiving Dockets (2)

If your supplier uses Docketbook, you can receive their dockets on platform.

Receiving orders from a customer (1)

Reviewing, linking and accepting customer-received orders.

Next Level (4)

Get beyond the basics with project groups, timesheets, pre-start checklists and more.

Reports and Guides (3)

Download docket reports. Access printable guides to train your team.

Troubleshooting (1)

We have highlighted the troubleshooting steps needed to help get you back up and running from the following error codes.

Integrations (3)

Xero, Excel and other integration options.