Sharing my Company Contact Information

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You should read Contacts Overview to have a good understanding of what Contacts do in Docketbook. You should also read Creating a New Contact, as you need to have Contacts in your Contacts View to send your details to.
Docketbook Contacts can only be accessed and maintained from from the PC web user interface.
You can only Send your Docketbook Contact Details to email addresses that are attached to Docketbook Account holders. You cannot send your Contact Details to non Docketbook users.

As explained in the Contacts Overview, email addresses are key identifiers in Docketbook, both for people (Docketbook Account holders) and the Organisations (Companies) they are associated with.  For company to company communications we use a special '' address.  This is a unique email address that identifies your company, or organisational unit, on Docketbook. The sending of Contact Details creates the relationships that enable Assigning, Sending and Sharing Orders, Jobs and Dockets.

Please note, whilst you may be sending Contact Details to a "personal" email you are sending it from an Organisation or Organisation Unit and upon receiving notification the person you have sent them to will assign the Contact to an Organisation they are associated with. This means if you need to create Orders, Jobs or Dockets for a different company (Organisation) that you are associated with, you will need go through the process of Sending your Contact Details from that different Organisation (company).

Sharing Contact Details

Make sure you are in the correct Organisation, the one that you want to use Orders, Jobs or Dockets with the other party. If you need to change it click on the Organisation Menu in the top left of your screen.

Click on the Contacts View in the sidebar menu.

This option is best if you haven't setup the company you want to send your details in your Contact List and you don't know their Docketbook Address ( 

Click on the Share icon on the top right of your screen.

This opens a message preview panel that you add an email address and customise the message wording.  They will receive the notification in the notifications area of their My Docketbook and will assign it to their Company Contact List from there. 

Send My Details

If you already have the company setup in your Contacts. Find that Contact by clicking on the Contacts View menu in the sidebar menu. 

Click on the  Contact you want to send your details to.

Click on the Send my Details button.

 As for Sharing my Details you can edit the message preview panel.

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