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The Template Settings page controls some of the additional features available in dockets.

Template Settings:

The Template Settings page provides control over additional features and options available in your dockets.

  1. Name: Keep the template name relatively short to ensure it doesn't take up excessive space on the mobile app.

  2. Visibility: By ticking the "Published" option, you can determine if the template is visible to end users or not.

  3. PDF Download Template: Choose from three options—Modern, Standard, and Compact—to determine the display style of your docket in PDF format.

  4. Terms and Conditions: Upload a PDF version of your Terms and Conditions, and they will appear as a link on the signing page of the docket.

  5. Resource Summary Settings: This feature allows you to include only line types flagged as billable when calculating quantities on a docket. Non-billable items will be listed but will not impact the total quantities charged on the docket.

  6. PDF Export Settings: Customize the sections included in the PDF version of the docket. You can choose to remove certain sections while keeping them visible in the 'on platform' view, helping to present a tidy and streamlined PDF layout.

  7. Order Prefill Settings: Enable this setting to expose docket fields at the Order level, allowing them to be filled in once and automatically populated for each new docket created. This streamlines the data entry process and ensures consistency across multiple dockets associated with the same order.

By configuring these Template Settings, you can tailor the appearance, functionality, and data prefilling options of your dockets to suit your specific requirements.

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