Configuring General Company Settings

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General company settings in Docketbook allow you to customize and personalize various aspects of your company's profile and operations. These settings include the ABN, company logo, default docket template, timezone, and company address. Configuring these settings ensures that your company's information is accurately represented on dockets and other communication with customers.

Adding an ABN and Logo:

  1. Access Company Settings:

    • Log into Docketbook using a desktop browser.
    • From the Dashboard page, click on the Settings cog icon located near the top left.
  2. Adding the ABN:

    • In the Overview section, click on "Add ABN" to input your Australian Business Number (ABN).
  3. Adding the Logo:

    • Next to the Logo option, select "Upload image" and choose the image file you want to use as your company's logo.

Setting the Default Docket, Timezone, and Company Address:

  1. Access Company Settings:

    • Log into Docketbook using a desktop browser.
    • From the Dashboard page, click on the Company Settings cog icon located near the top right.
  2. Selecting the Group:

    • In the Company Settings menu, navigate to the Groups tab and select the relevant group.
  3. Configuring the Default Docket Template:

    • Scroll down the page until you find the "Default Docket Template" section.
    • Select the desired docket template from the drop-down menu.
    • Click "Save" to update the default docket template selection. (Note: The default docket template will be pre-selected when operators create a docket using the Docketbook app or website.)
  4. Setting the Timezone:

    • Locate the drop-down menu next to "Timezone" on the same page.
    • Choose your company's appropriate time zone from the options provided.
    • Click "Save" to update the timezone setting. (Having the correct time zone ensures accurate timestamps on dockets.)
  5. Adding the Company Address:

    • Within the same page, you can also select "Change Address" to input your company's address details.
    • Enter the relevant address information.
    • Click "Save" to update the company address.

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