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The Timesheet module allows you to extract and summarise information from the time tab of multiple dockets through one easy to use interface. The Timesheet module is available on Medium plans upwards.

There are 2 ways to incorporate timesheet information into Docketbook. Which option you use depends on how your usual docket is structured.

If your usual docket template includes a Time section (start, end, break, travel time), then the timesheet information can be automatically pulled from the docket.

If your usual docket does not include timesheet information, then operators will need to submit an additional daily docket – a timesheet docket.

Content of this guide

  1. Using Timesheets where the daily docket has a Time section

  2. Using Timesheets where the daily docket does not have a Time section


1.  Using Timesheets where the daily docket has a Time section


If your daily docket template already has a time section, then all you need to do is ask Docketbook to enable you for Timesheets. Note this is plan specific.

The start, end, travel, and break time that is captured per docket for each operator will be automatically populated into the Timesheet section of Docketbook, which will look like the image below: 


Timesheet showing weekly times of multiple operators: 





2.  Using Timesheets where the daily docket does not have a Time section


If the daily docket does not already include a time section, you will need to have an additional docket template for Timesheet information. This means that in addition to the usual docket submitted, operators will need to create a daily timesheet docket on the app.


  • First, a new timesheet docket template will need to be set up, with a Time section



  • Then you will need to set up an additional Timesheet group on Docketbook (this can be plan dependent). This Timesheet docket should be set as the default template for the Timesheet group




  • Operators will need to be added as users within the Timesheet group


  • Operators will need to submit a daily Timesheet docket on the App in addition to the usual docket submitted. Creating the timesheet dockets works the same as the usual docket, except that operators select the timesheet group on the app instead of the company name:




The timesheet information will be presented on the desktop to Administrators in the Timesheet section of the Timesheet group.



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