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Using the Docketbook Desktop Interface:

The Docketbook Desktop Interface empowers office staff with various tools to efficiently handle dockets. Here's how they benefit from it:

  • Live visibility: Administrators have real-time visibility of all incoming dockets, providing them with up-to-date information on work progress.

  • Invoicing and payment processing: The administrator can utilize the digital docket to streamline the invoicing process and ensure accurate payment to operators.

  • Docket reports and analysis: Administrators can generate docket reports and analyze docket information for better insights into business operations. This helps in identifying patterns, improving efficiency, and making informed decisions.

  • Organizational features: While the core of Docketbook revolves around digital dockets, administrators also have the option to organize dockets through Docketbook's Orders feature. They can allocate work to operators using Docketbook's Job feature, creating a centralized and organized system for managing tasks.

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