Monitors - Receiving Notifications on Behalf of a Group

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If you are an Administrator for a Docketbook Account, you have the ability to designate one or more users as monitors to receive notifications whenever an order, job, or docket is received by the company or group. This feature can be particularly useful for projects where foremen need to be notified when a new docket is received or for allocators to be informed when a job is assigned to them for resource allocation.

Here's how to add a monitor:

  1. Log into the Docketbook account on your desktop using Administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Company Settings section.
  3. Select Users from the available options.
  4. Locate the user you want to add as a monitor and click on the edit.png icon next to their name.
  5. In the editing interface, check the Monitor box for the selected user to enable notifications.
  6. Save the changes to update the user's monitor status.

Note: Once the changes are saved, the newly assigned monitor will need to refresh their Docketbook interface to update their permissions accordingly.

By utilizing the monitor feature in Docketbook, you can ensure that designated users receive timely notifications for orders, jobs, or dockets, facilitating efficient communication and task management within your organization or project.

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