Additional Information on Line Items

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Item Descriptions:

In addition to the basic Resource Name and ID, you can include a Description at the Order Level. This allows you to provide more specific information, such as the source quarry for a particular material. The Description information you add at the Order Level will be inherited by the dockets created from that order.


As quantities are delivered, the "Billable" line items will be reflected in the Completion column of the Order. Only line items with the "Billable" checkbox ticked (as defined in the template) will contribute to the total completion quantity.


Docketbook supports separate reference numbers for customers and suppliers. This feature is particularly useful for integration or import/export purposes with other systems like billing or ERP solutions. It allows you to maintain independent reference numbers that can reference specific line items, such as Purchase Order details.

By utilizing these features, you can provide more detailed descriptions, track completion quantities accurately, and maintain proper references for seamless integration with other systems.

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