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Orders are typically used when multiple dockets need to be invoiced together. They contain important information such as Customer, Purchase Order, and Job Numbers, and also allow for pre-filling of docket data.

Orders can be created by either the Supplier or the Customer and sent to the other party. This article focuses on the process of a Supplier creating a new order, saving and sending it, as well as editing an existing order. For Customer-Created Orders, please refer to the relevant article.

New Order

Orders are typically created from the Desktop interface 

Note that the selected Docket Template may impact the items that can be added to dockets. It's best to select the docket template before adding items to the order. The Template can also be set to 'Allow Items only from Order,' which restricts the availability of items to only those listed in the order. Alternatively, it can be based on the order items and allow the selection of additional items if required.

Saving & Sending

An order must have a customer and line items before jobs or dockets can be created from it.

To share the order with your customer, select "Send Order" from the Action Menu (three dots). If your customer is on Docketbook, the order will appear in their company or project. If not, they will receive a confirmation by email that the order has been created.

Editing an Order

To edit an order, click on "Edit" in the menu bar. There are some rules to consider when editing orders to maintain data integrity:

After an order is sent, the Customer details cannot be edited.

You can add items to the order, but existing items cannot be deleted if they have already been used to create dockets.

The supplier cannot change the customer reference number, and vice versa.

By following these guidelines, you can easily create, save, and send orders, as well as make necessary edits when required.



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